Our Team

We have a fully female run team - led by Mistress Vivienne l'Amour, a bunch of badass ladies


The Queen Of The Bar - Zuzana is a whirling fireball of fantasticness, with a fabulous business acumen, event management guru, bar specialist and our consultant for all things Celestial Studios.

Well connected and always thinking outside of the box, Zuzana is usually at the studio to ensure things are running smoothly. She orchestrates private studio hire, professional photoshoots, session liaisons for our House Kinksters. She is our primary booking consultant on the company phone and via email.

Zuzana also handles online promotion on social platforms such as Discord FabSwingers, and all the fabulous parties we host at the studio, you will find her behind the bar barking orders, and we love her for it. She keeps all us kinky folk on schedule and in check.

The Fairy Gothmother - Ella is a master of all things creative, kink and collation. A warm, cuddly goth Queen with extensive online management knowledge. Ella manages photo & video edits and manages our clips stores, designs beautiful content marketing for various sites is a visual content specialist for models, and all around fabulous planner and website manager.

She is also a telegram whiz, is always collaborating with other top professionals in the industry to grow our reach, and is our professional liaison for all things Only Fans promo/shout out with other creators. She is also an event management consultant, PR correspondent and all around business optimisation boss.

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